id escaped

by Brice Woodall

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Merging the North Virginian penchant for melody with the explosiveness of Chicago rock, Brice Woodall writes between worlds. Stretched between the Windy City and his east coast roots, his music draws upon the musical idiosyncracies of each region, peaking in the center as a distinct brand of muscular, synth-tipped indie pop. His latest release Id Escaped was conceived in Chicago as a series of acoustic bedroom demos. With the help of longtime collaborators Trevor Bittinger and Mark Lewis, they grew into fully fledged rock tracks. The two Richmond natives had formerly been active within DC's brutal post-hardcore scene, and their history can be heard within a predeliction for landing huge guitar moves and ferocious percussive attacks on the EP. Woodall's signature drum machines skitter against full-blooded rock orchestration as they coil together into tight, infectious progressions.

The roots of Woodall's music lie as deeply within electronica as they do within his more immediately traceable predecessors: the '90s indie rock innovations of The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, and Radiohead. From behind a collection of drum machines, Woodall mines the depths of underground dubstep to bolster his swirling melodic creations.

Writing from dreams, Woodall has transcribed a journal of psychic detachment, of running from onesself through haunted subconscious spaces. His lyrics craft narratives of paranoia and isolation in a world where one is always being watched. But amid the dystopia arise moments of relief in companionship and the hope of escape. Every move of the record is suspended by Woodall's unwaveringly sincere falsetto, carrying lyrics that pulse from the delicate enigma of a fully imagined world. Id Escaped follows the struggle of the conscious mind through constantly encroaching danger on an engine of sparkling pop hooks and lushly layered melody.

Id Escaped will be released on mp3 and vinyl this July.


released July 15, 2011

All songs written by Brice Woodall (ASCAP) copyright 2011
Performed and arranged by Brice Woodall, Mark Lewis & Trevor Bittinger
Engineered and mixed by Mark Lewis @ Junxt Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Produced by Brice Woodall, Mark Lewis & Trevor Bittinger
Mastered by Nathan Allen@Last Drop Mastering, SF
B+G Scarf Publishing




all rights reserved


Brice Woodall Fredericksburg, Virginia

Brice Woodall writes, performs and produces beat heavy electro-acoustic music with powerful, soaring vocals.
Notable gigs-
SXSW(2012), Abbey Road Studio(UK), The Cavern Club(UK), The Living Room (NYC)
Grand Prize Winner Billboard/Discmakers Independent Music World Series
Honorable Mention for song 'Awkward' International Songwriters Competition
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Track Name: Believe the Blood
Drip on a wire if you want to see a spark
Hold up your hand on a radio tower
Believe the blood that you want to bleed is yours
Tying up loose ends
Cut the corners so it folds into the road
Scratch in your name so they never forget it
Believe the blood that they want to see is yours
Sliding off the bridge

Remorse for selling the future out
A crack in the glass has spider webs
Losing half of your senses
By the way, you settle on the easy road
Where’s the adventure?

Remorse for taking the easy road
Remorse for selling out
Track Name: Cut off the Legs
It’s silent standing alone before the sunrise
But echoes circle around, from whispers they grow
Neurosis...cut off the legs before it can walk
Stay weary of secret taping machines

Check under the floorboards
Sense a static shuffle
This smells of the end of proselytising days
There’s a need for the worry
Bugs crawl up the curtains
Mechanical diversions
Wrap ribbons around
Create a different hum
The air is thick with panic

Hear the pounding louder
Slip out through the alley
Track Name: Small Victories
Four bullet holes in the back of my head
They missed their mark
On the run, I’ll keep my nose down lower
and taste the dirt

You are here next to me in the void
I strain to laugh on numbered days
while I’m free and invisible

Pick a car & spread some mud across
the license plate
The two lot guards with their eyelids peeled back
will stare through us, they’re only half awake

You are here next to me in the void
The other side shines a light to signal us (please suck me through)
I strain to laugh on numbered days
while I’m free and invisible
You are here next to me in the void
Small victories will add up
Track Name: Sea of Knives
If you’re an ally
Help me escape this enemy
I know this feels just like a dream
But there’s a golden city miles away
Where we can blend in with the crowd

The razor wire
Will make it hard for us to swim
A sea of knives to cut us up
Our utopia is not far from there, it shines
And then we’ll blend in with the crowd